All maps are A4 size (21 x 30 cm) with a 5-metre contour interval.
Distance Map Scale:
Long 1 : 15,000
Sprint 1 : 5,000
Middle 1 : 10,000
Relay 1 : 10,000



The terrain in the immediate vicinity of Vallsberget/Lindbäcksstadion consists of a number of small hills/tops. The area is between 0 and 120 m above sea level. The terrain is 90% forest, mainly evergreen, with only a limited area of cultivated land and a few roads. Lindbäcksstadion is a modern skiing facility with 25 km of 5–10 m wide ski tracks, an indoor ski tunnel and a small downhill ski slope.

Ski-O map of Lindbäcksstadion, Swedish Championships middle distance 2016



High-resolution copies of the latest versions of the foot- and ski-o maps for the competition and reserve areas are available via Google My Maps:

Orienteering map of the reserve area in Arvidsjaur, surveyed 2017

Orienteering map of Lindbäcksstadion, surveyed 2017 

Ski-O map of Lindbäcksstadion, Swedish Championships middle distance 2016

Ski-O map of Lindbäcksstadion, local event 2013



Piteå has a subarctic climate between the warm Gulf stream in the west and the continental mass to the east. It experiences relatively long and cold winters. In March the average temperature is -6°C with cold nights and warmer days.

Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar
Average Temp (°C)   -3,7 -8,4 -11,3 -11,2 -6,0
Minimum average temp (°C) -7,0 -12,6 -15,9 -15,9 -11,0
Highest average temp (° C) -0,4 -4,2 -6,7 -6,4 1,0
Precipitation (mm)  54 43 37 28 29



The punching system to be used in all competitions is SportIdent Air+. All competitors will be issued with SportIdent Air+ cards by the organisers.