March 15th 2019

Bulletin 4 is now online.

Read it online on Eventor. A printed copy is also available at the Event centre.



January 20th 2019

We’re getting close now.

Only two months remain until we open the gates to the most exciting ski-orienteering experience of the year and a feeling of expectation can be sensed amongst the event officials and volunteer helpers. We are longing to finally welcome you to the sunny and snow-laden coast of Norrbotten. The competition areas are closed off and work is underway on preparing the track system to give them as good a base as possible. Course planning was completed a while ago, camera positions determined and medals ordered. We now go into an intensive phase of detailed planning and fine adjustments to allow us to offer you really great conditions for competing in.

Hopefully you are just as excited as we are. The competitions will be demanding, setting orienteering ability, skiing technique and physical stamina to the test. In the break between each trial of strength we hope that you take the time and effort to mingle with each other and take enjoyment from your time in Piteå. Visit the “äventyrsbadet” swimming pool, take a ski tour out on the sea ice or a swing in to Piteå town centre for a visit to one of the local restaurants.

The highest priority for us as organisers is to provide demanding but fair competitions, to reward your fine performances, but we will be equally glad if we also succeed in creating the right conditions for enjoyable moments between the competitions, together with your teammates, crossing the boundaries of nationality and age.

Anders Bennitz
General secretary

WSOC Bulletin 3


Today, as the last day for regular application has passed, the entries are as follows:

Entries, including late entries, is updated online (end of page):


January 8th 2019

Important information on participation in relays

It has, after consultation with SEA and ski-O-commission, been decided to allow athletes to participate in more than one championship in order to enable more countries to join the relays.

All information in the pdf below.