Visa applications should be submitted to a Swedish embassy or Consulate General. Please note that Sweden is represented in certain countries by another Shengen country. However, there are also countries where Sweden has no representation (no embassy, Consulate General or other arrangement). Visa applicants from countries without a Swedish representation must travel to the nearest country which has a Swedish embassy or Consulate General in order to submit their application.

List of foreign citizens who require visa for entry into Sweden


If an application is to be submitted to the foreign agency of another Schengen country, please contact them in advance. Please note that the documentation requirements for that country need to be followed when making your application.

Please refer to the application form (in Swedish and English). When completing the form, the main reason for the visit must be given. In this case please select and mark the option “Sports”.

Visa applications should be made using the form ”Application for Schengen Visa”, form number 118031/119031:

Schengen Visa application form


An invitation needs to be submitted together with the application form (see link below). An invitation may also be a letter from the event organisers describing the aim of the visit, the length of stay and how the stay will be funded. For sporting events, no official documentation is required for the person issuing the invitation.

Invitation filled out by friend or family (in Swedish)


In order to be able to handle the application the following points must be clearly stated:

  • Your reason for visiting Sweden.
  • The planned length of your stay in Sweden.
  • How your visit is being paid for.
  • Evidence of medical travel insurance.
  • What type of passport you have and for what period of time it is valid.
  • Where you will travel once you leave Sweden.
  • Evidence that you have permission to enter the country you will travel to when you leave Sweden.
  • Two recent passport photographs (within the last 6 months). These should be taken face-on to the camera (straight ahead).
  • Please note that the embassy may ask for other documents. Please contact the embassy for information (


For more information about visa applications please refer to:

How to apply for a visa