Waxing facilities are available at the competition arena. These have electrical connections, are heated, ventilated and lockable. Two sizes are available:
• 20 m² units (600 €) – fully booked.
• 10 m² units (400 €).

Availability is first come-first served. The indicated prices cover the full competition week and may be used by all the teams (WSOC/JWSOC/EYSOC) from the same nation. Bookings are made by sending an e-mail to info@wsoc2019.com. Invoices will be issued together with those for the entry registration fees.

The waxing facilities will be available for use from Monday 18th March. An area with wide and narrow tracks has been prepared closeby for testing of skis.

There are no indoor ski waxing facilities at the event centre and ski waxing is not allowed indoors.